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Fiddlehead is a market leading designer and manufacturer of fairy garden products. Based in the USA, Fiddlehead has been producing fairy garden products for over 10 years and their range is wonderfully detailed. Most Fiddlehead fairy houses have opening doors, and all products are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With a big range, the challenge is which fairy house, figurine or accessory to choose to create your miniature world? We're delighted to be a distributor of this market leading brand of miniature gardening products.
  • Fiddlehead Small Stone Planter
    This 5.5cm high miniature planter can be used to display live miniature plants. It has a hole in the bottom to allow excess water out and it's frostproof so can be left outside all year round in your miniature garden. It's designed so you can stack it, to give greater height and display space. A Fiddlehead fairy garden product.
  • Woodland Fence (Fiddlehead)
    This 16cm long rustic woodland fence is a great way to enclose a section of a fairy garden. Use in conjunction with the Fiddlehead Twig Arch for best effect. It's rigid so has to be placed in a straight line, but looks wonderfully natural and is weatherproof. Each post has a spike to anchor it and as it's made from resin it will weather well.
  • Gnome Foyer (Fiddlehead)
    The gnome foyer is a magical entrance to the world of the gnome. It's a double door entrance- the outer door opens for humans and allows you to peek inside, where you'll see the inner door (locked to humans) and a pair of houseboots, gnome size. Outside two small barrels can be used to collect rainwater or have plants popped in them. The gnome foyer can be stood anywhere, but looks best up against a large surface such as a tree trunk or fence, or set into a bank of earth & moss. The gnome foyer stands 14cm high and is made from resin.
  • Lotus Flower Planter (Fiddlehead)
    Beautiful Fiddlehead Lotus Flower Planter
  • Catkin Cup Planter (Fiddlehead)
    Beautiful Fiddlehead Catkin Cup Planter
  • Cherry Blossom Planter (Fiddlehead)
    Beautiful Fiddlehead Planter
  • Miniature Garden Tools (Fiddlehead)
    Rake, Spade and Hoe
  • Porcelain Tea Set (Fiddlehead)
    Two miniature cups & saucers, plus a matching teapot with removable lid. Cups have tea in them. Set measures approximately 2cm high. Table for illustration only, not included
  • Mini Wheelbarrow (Fiddlehead)
    Perfect for tidying up in the fairy garden, this little rustic wheelbarrow will be in constant demand! It's 6cm long and 3cm high, and the wheel rotates so it can really be used (or planted in)
  • Twig Mailbox (Fiddlehead)
    When fairies receive post, it can't be left outside in case it gets wet, so they have their own mailbox cunningly designed from a twig. It's 6cm tall and has a little flag to let the fairies know their postman has been.
  • Mini Glow Mushrooms - set of 7 (Fiddlehead)
    7 little fairy toadstools or mushrooms, that magically glow in the dark! Each toadstool measures around 2cm tall, with a prong on the bottom of each one to prevent them falling over. They charge up in daylight and glow for a few hours as it gets dark. Perfect for night time fairies, to light the way.
  • Flower Path (Fiddlehead)
    This 19cm long polystone pathway is decorated with small clumps of flowers and leaves and winds its way around your fairy garden. It's a quick solution to creating a path, and you can use it to best effect by lining the edges with moss. It's completely weatherproof so can be used outside or indoors.
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