Fairy Houses

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A great Fairy House is a starting point for a fabulous miniature scene.

Finely detailed Gourd houses, Toadstool cottages, Gypsy Caravans and many other imaginative homes and buildings.

The range has already grown to include the most imaginative combination of traditional and fantasy buildings.

Browse our lovely selection of Fiddlehead George Town and Vivid Arts Miniature World houses. All are suitable for indoor and outside use.
  • Village Gourd House (Fiddlehead)
    A gourd makes a perfect fairy house- durable, with easy conversion and high roof for taller fairies. This Village Gourd house conversion has been made to the highest standard by Fiddlehead, a leading fairy house designer and builder. It features an attic conversion with high round window to let extra light in, plus stone surrounded windows on the ground floor. The front door opens and the house is constructed from durable resin to ensure the occupants stay safe outside during human winters. The Village Gourd house is around 20cm tall.
  • Village Log House (Fiddlehead)
    The Log House is designed to blend in seamlessly to a human garden, especially one with woodland- it's the perfect fairy house for a secretive or shy fairy. The entrance is hidden under an overhanging bark end and the windows in the side also have bark overhangs, so from certain angles it looks just like a fallen log. Inside it's one large room, accessed by an opening door directly from the outside, with decent sized windows adding light midway down. There's a chimney for a stove or similar already fitted. The log house is 15cm long and made from durable resin, which is happy enough outside all year round.
  • Gnome Foyer (Fiddlehead)
    The gnome foyer is a magical entrance to the world of the gnome. It's a double door entrance- the outer door opens for humans and allows you to peek inside, where you'll see the inner door (locked to humans) and a pair of houseboots, gnome size. Outside two small barrels can be used to collect rainwater or have plants popped in them. The gnome foyer can be stood anywhere, but looks best up against a large surface such as a tree trunk or fence, or set into a bank of earth & moss. The gnome foyer stands 14cm high and is made from resin.
  • Cuckoo Cottage
    Size (Approx.) W: 18cm H: 19cm D: 9cm Bring your dreams and imagination to life. Create your own Miniature World in your Home or Garden. Just let your imagination grow.
  • Watering Can House (Fiddlehead)
    This de-luxe watering can fairy house conversion features an upper deck with sun platform as well as multi-level accommodation for a fairy family. The design has cleverly retained many of the period features of the original watering can, such as the spout and handle, but reworked it for the modern fairy, with easy access through the opening door, and window boxes which will accommodate live plants. The Watering Can stands a generous 15cm high and is made from resin which is fine outdoors all year round.
  • Traditional Red Toadstool Cottage (Large)
    Toadstool Cottage features incredible detail such as the wooden arched door and knocker as well as the textured roof and crooked windows. This product is UV stabilised and Frost Resistant. 31cm
  • Rustic Green Gourd House
    Rustic Green Gourd House is a collectable accessory made from UV stabilised Resin, to compliment the scaled miniature outdoor (or indoor) fantasy fairy realm, now so highly sought after. Finely detailed high quality resin ornament compliments the delightful and expanding Miniature World® range of fairies, gnomes, gardens in miniature and a world of imagination for all ages to enjoy. Miniature Dimensions: Length: 14.6cm Width: 14.5cm Height: 22cm
  • Rustic Stump Cottage (Large)
    A unusual and very detailed rustic tree stump cottage with its own mushroom staircase . A beautiful eye catching fairy house of rustic construction nestling into a old woodland tree stump. A mushroom staircase leads you from the base of the trunk up to to the first floor where you will find the house decorated with red magical fairy toadstools and sweet little lantern over the oak front door and two little windows either side of the house. The base of the tree stump also has a oak basement door for those older fairies who cant cope with the stairs! All hand painted with fade resistant paints and finished to a highly detailed standard and crafted from weather & frost proof resin so can be used in your home or outside in the garden all year long . Weatherproof & Frost proof resin construction, hand finished and varnished. Dimensions: 28cm x 20cm x 19cm