Plants, Flowers & Trees

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  • Privet Hedge
    Privet Hedge Pack Let your imagination grow as you grow your magical fairy garden. Made from UV stabilised Resin Great for indoor / outdoor use. Highly collectable scaled item Dimensions : L 5.4 x H 3.2 x D 2.3cm
  • Large Flowering Tree
    Large Flowering Tree Size (Approx.) W: 8.5cm H: 9cm D: 2.5cm Bring your dreams and imagination to life. Create your own Miniature World in your Home or Garden. Just let your imagination grow.
  • Miniature Garden Tools (Fiddlehead)
    Rake, Spade and Hoe
  • Mini Glow Mushrooms - set of 7 (Fiddlehead)
    7 little fairy toadstools or mushrooms, that magically glow in the dark! Each toadstool measures around 2cm tall, with a prong on the bottom of each one to prevent them falling over. They charge up in daylight and glow for a few hours as it gets dark. Perfect for night time fairies, to light the way.
  • Mini Fly Agaric Mushrooms (Fiddlehead)
    Five Fly Agaric mushrooms, bright red with white spots- add some natural looking fungi to your fairy garden! Sizes vary but are up to 2cm, plus a spike on the bottom of each one to help them stay upright. Don't make tea with these!
  • Flowered Leaf Boots
    Made from UV stabilised Resin Great for indoor / outdoor use Scaled item Hand finished Dimensions : Length 2.5 cm, Width 2.52 cm, Height 3.3 cm
  • Moss - Small
    Moss - Small Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Frost resistant