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Beautiful fairies for your garden or home
  • Standing Fairy - Ice Blue
    Standing Fairy - Ice Blue 6cm
  • Secret Flower Fairy Door - Blue
    Beautifully created Flower Fairy Door Dimensions: Height 7cm Width 5.5cm Depth 1.5cm Material - Resin
  • Magic Bean Pot - Hope
    It’s fun and easy to grow with the help of Hope, the fairy and her best friend, the Robin. Sow your magic bean in the pot, then watch nature do its magic! Did you know Hope has a twin sister named Joy? Just like Hope, Fairy Joy has a little bird companion, a magic wishing bean and a gardening spade! Contents: • A small pot • A wishing bean • A fairy figurine that securely sits on the side of the pot • A miniature planting shovel • A bird companion that clips on to the top of the shovel
  • Kneeling Fairy - Ice Blue (Large)
    Kneeling Fairy - Ice Blue (Large) 7cm